EU (Withdrawal) Bill - Best for Britain Campaign

Thank you for contacting me about the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and the economic assessment of leaving the EU.

The Prime Minister has been clear that she wishes to minimise disruption to businesses and individuals as the UK leaves the EU. That is why the EU (Withdrawal) Bill is being introduced and why I support it. This bill will transfer EU law, including case law of the European Court of Justice, into UK law at the point of the UK's departure from the EU. This will make sure that the UK has a functioning statute book when it leaves the EU, providing the maximum amount of certainty, control and continuity.

A future partnership between the UK and the EU is in the interests of both sides. As the Prime Minister has explained, a good deal for Britain and a good deal for Europe are neither competing alternatives nor mutually exclusive. I fully expect a deal to be negotiated. Regarding the reports, there is no benefit to our negotiations of publishing any internal economic assessment.

That said, a responsible government should, of course, prepare for all eventualities and this is exactly what I and my ministerial colleagues are doing. This includes the unlikely scenario where no agreement can be reached.