Why I'm Backing Boris

Voting has started on the leadership contest for the Conservative Party. We have a wide range of really good candidates, eachwith their own strengths. My fellow Suffolk MP Matt Hancock has really done brilliantly in the Cabinet in DCMS and Health and I really rate him as an excellent, astute politician. There are others who I could also see being the PM. I have given this a lot of thought and did my SWOT analysis, just as I did for the EU referendum, and I have decided to vote for Boris Johnson. I think BoJo has the mojo to make Brexit happen AND he can reach out to many parts of the country to deliver a better, brighter Britain. He had a really good track record running the nation's capital and I think he can do the same for our country. It will be for the membership of the Conservative Party to make the final choice and there is a long way to go till then.