Therese to Host Public Meeting on Climate Change

Tackling climate change and improving the environment is a key cross-government activity, with strong support for action from across Parliament. Therese was pleased to meet people from Rendlesham recently to discuss this and also what the government was doing about it. 

Therese said: "As the environment minister, this obviously is the essence of what I do in my ministerial time. In particular, I have been steadily making sure that within the government but also on a global basis, that these issues be considered together holistically. "

Therese agreed to host a meeting to discuss this. This will happen on Friday 19th July from 530-630pm in a location near Rendlesham. If you are a constituent and want to attend, please do contact my office directly by email ( or by phone 0207 219 7164 before Wednesday 17th July by noon. There is a space limit at the venue and my office will inform people of the location on the Thursday.