Statement from Therese on the submission of the Sizewell C Development Consent Order

Ever since I have been the MP for Suffolk Coastal, Sizewell C has been an ongoing matter for discussion and deliberation. Now that the Development Consent Order (the planning application for nationally significant infrastructure projects) has been submitted, years of uncertainty and speculation are now crystallised into the final proposal put forward today. Some of the details which people had been seeking like the environmental impact assessment or the transport routes will be fully in the public domain. That allows everyone, including me, our councils and statutory bodies to scrutinise fully EDF's plan for Sizewell C.

I know there have been concerns about launching this during the coronavirus emergency. For some people in Suffolk Coastal, knowing whether or not their homes will be directly impacted by these proposals will be helped by today's submission rather than further delay. I think EDF have been constructive in suggesting flexibility with the Planning Inspectorate on timings for certain stages of the process. This could actually give more time for the scrutiny prior to the formal sessions. I am also clear that a solely virtual examination is not appropriate for this application and every effort needs to be made to allow examination and representations in person too.

Photo: The public meeting I held on Sizewell C last year.