Parliament Supports Second Reading of the Fisheries Bill

This week in Parliament MPs debated the second reading of The Fisheries Bill, which sets out our plans to leave the Common Fisheries Policy and take back control of our waters.

The new legislation will enable the UK Government to set annual total allowable catches for UK waters as well as have the flexibility to negotiate with other countries to ensure stocks are fished sustainably.

Therese said: "As a coastal MP and Environment Minister, I was really pleased to support this new legislation which is great news for our fishing communities along the Suffolk Coast. This Government has always supported the interests of British fishermen, which is why we have increased the quota given to our under-10m fleet by 13% in the last 6 years - and this new legislation will enable us to have far greater control over fishing quotas."

Therese added: "Ultimately, the new Bill will allow us to create a sustainable, profitable fishing industry for the UK."